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Red, White and George!

This week’s fresh cut flowers are Red and White Gerber Daisies whose electric vibrancy elicits a certain patriotism in me as we begin the new year. I’m reminded that during the Vietnam Era, a certain phrase “America, Love It or Leave It” was a popular retort when anyone criticized what the government was doing. In fact, songs were even recorded that served up this mighty fine travel option. While it’s a bit sophmoric, I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be appropriate (and somewhat ironic) to jumpstart this lovely jingle whenever the Right starts to claim ownership of the moral center of the country and a desire to take the country back.

“I am really mortified beyond expression that, in the moment of our acknowledged independence, we should by our conduct verify the predictions of our transatlantic foe and render ourselves ridiculous and contemptible in the eyes of all Europe. It is but the other day we were shedding our blood to obtain the constitutions under which we now live – constitutions of our own choice and framing – and now we are unsheathing the sword to overturn them.

George Washington 1786

January 12, 2012 Playa Vista Farmers Market


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