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Shamrocks and the real town drunk

This week’s bunch of fresh cut flowers are Bells of Ireland surrounded by a flurry of sweet smelling Freesia. The Bells’ delicate white flowers belie the thorny nature of their dramatic, spiky spires, somewhat like Rick Santorum’s innocuous grin masks the downright evil nature of his ignorant thinking. And still, the sweater-wearing candidate’s campaign grinds on because there are evidently a whole bunch of people in this wonderful land of ours who actually believe he would make a wonderful President. Just pause on that for a minute.

On another similar note, for such a provincial country, can someone please explain how St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo can obtain such a national hall pass when it comes to full-throated inebriation?

“I have diligently sought the public welfare; and have endeavoured to inculcate the same principles in all that are under me. These reflections will be cordial to my mind as long as I ame able to distinguish between Good & Evil.”

George Washington, 1756

March 11, 2012 Manhattan Beach Trader Joes


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